Knuckling Protection Boots for Dogs

What is Knuckling in dogs?

Knuckling is when your dog drags the top of the paw along the ground as they are walking. It is generally a neurological problem but all dogs can be victims of knuckling. Some common reasons for dogs to start knuckling are – Sore paws, Intervertebral disc disease, Carpal flexural deformity, Fibrocartilaginous embolism, Degenerative myelopathy. These causes can range from minor to serious, and should be checked by the vet to be safe. Some of the illnesses can be serious and in some cases fatal, whereas others can improve with time.

If your dog is knuckling their paws, the easiest solution is to use a protective boot. This will protect the dogs nails from damage, and  help prevent injury and infection.

Walkabout Knuckling Protection Boots are protective dog boots for both indoor and outdoor use to help dogs that suffer from paw dragging/ knuckling.

The extra sole on the top of the boot helps to prevent abrasions and scrapes to your dogs paws and claws, as well as protecting the boot from wearing out on the top like regular boots will.

Walkabout knuckling Boots hug the dog’s paws and fit like a glove, enabling your dog to move around comfortably as normal.

Trusted and recommended by veterinary hospitals worldwide.

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